Thaddeus Opalach D.O.,P.A. will be closing on June 25, 2022. Thank you for the opportunity to be your doctor. I recommend that you find a new physician as soon as possible. I have included a list of some area psychiatrists below. You may also call your medical plan health insurance company or the Tarrant County Medical Society at 817-732-2825.



Dr. Patrick Rabjohn / Dr. Tam Redd               817-539-2282 (Child Psych)

Dr. Seema Haque                                                  817-719-3770 (Ages 12+)

Dr. Julie Pittman                                                   817-765-6101 (Psychiatry/Addiction)

Dr. Wasiq / Uzma Zaidi                                      817-200-6680 (16+/MDCR/Suboxone)

Dr. Germaine Hawkins                                       817-460-7080

The Hopper Group                                              817-274-8800


If you wish to continue care with another physician, your new physician will need your medical records. Dr. Thaddeus Opalach must receive your written authorization before they can send your chart to your new physician.  

Dr. Thaddeus Opalach will serve as custodian of your medical records.


                                     Thank you.

                          Dr. Thaddeus Opalach

Medical Release of Information Form
Medical Record Releasae.pdf
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